Sun Air Jets' WiFi-Equipped Fleet Continues to Grow

Sun Air Jets recently completed the installation of WiFi on two additional aircraft: a GV and a Hawker 1000, as well as supplementing WiFi with Text and Talk on a Global 5000 as it continues to supply the Los Angeles charter market with aircraft that customers love to fly.

“Even Los Angeles city buses have WiFi on them, and the charter market demands the convenience of WiFi onboard.  Sun Air’s goal is a 100% WiFi-equipped fleet to complement the safe, world-class transportation experience we offer our customers,” states Sun Air’s President, Brian Counsil.

“The statistics of chartering WiFi versus non-WiFi equipped aircraft speak for themselves,” states Charlie ODell, Sun Air’s Director of Operations.  “Sun Air is committed to providing the tools and technologies our customers want and need, whether for business or pleasure, and to staying ahead of the curve in all our service offerings.”

(Source: Sun Air Jets)