Mindful Leadership Retreats in Style

HimalayasAs a former Executive Manager, Christian Kurmann spent several months in the Himalayas and learned and cultivated mindfulness as well as Tibetan meditation. He now leads Mindful Leadership Ltd: mindful meditation and relaxing mindful lifestyle retreats for female individualists in this world.

Today’s world of work demands more and more from each individual. Profession, partnership, family: Everything has to be organized. Moments of peace disappear: We are constantly accessible, networked, on the go. We sometimes lose sight of the essentials.

Even Christian Kurmann has had this experience. As a former executive manager of reputable international hotel chains in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, he knew too well what it meant to run a busy stressful life.

However it was not until a life-threatening diagnosis that his outlook change and he decided to look in unusual places for healing. The journey took him to a monastery in the Himalayas, where he was taught mindful mediation over several months in desolation and cultivate day-by-day until he was healthy again.

He quickly realized that he could no longer resume his previous lifestyle. Instead, Kurmann attended further courses and retreats with known masters and founded the Mindful Leadership Ltd – now he helps women and men who enjoy their lives and want to feel something even better, people who need distance from their demanding lives.

Mindful Leadership does not only mean mindfulness. Rather, it is a conscious use of oneself and one’s closest environment.

Particularly successful are the Mindful Lifestyle Retreat in Style which are held this year in Bali, India, Oman, Sicily and the Swiss Alps. Small groups will spend a week in an impressive natural environment enjoying the atmosphere of trust.

Supervised and guided by Christian Kurmann, participants practice mindful meditation and get to know themselves better. Participants will gain the courage to do what is right for them.

Connected with local traditions, participants take part in meditative excursions, followed by individual consultations with the Christian Kurmann rounded off by healthy mindful