Fall In to Gstaad Palace’s New Boot Camp

By David Neth

Gstaad Palace

Gstaad Palace

Known for offering both luxury and authenticity, Gstaad Palace announces a new and exclusive summer boot camp. Martin Horn, the brother of extreme athlete and adventurer Mike Horn, is helping the Palace organize the boot camp in order to better cater to its young clientele.

“Since boot camps have been part of the fitness scene in English speaking countries for a long time now, we realized the importance of joining and leading this trend and meeting our young guests’ requirements,” says General Manager and owner of Gstaad Palace, Andrea Scherz. “With Martin Horn, the brother of the legendary extreme athlete and adventurer Mike Horn, we aim to provide a ‘next-level’ offering of luxury combined with fitness with these new adrenaline-loaded weeks. This combination of hard training and the usual luxury of our 100-year-old house is, to date, undeniably unique.”

Offering guests a five-hour program, this boot camp will meet wide variation of fitness levels and personal training goals. A diet plan will be designed to each individual participant after an initial fitness test. The boot camp includes one-off activities such as hiking, climbing, mountain biking and whitewater rafting. Set in a beautiful landscape, the goal of the boot camp is to get guests out of their comfort zone while harmonizing your body and mind, all without sparing the luxury of GstaadPalace.