Luxury Design Gift Guide 2019

18th November 2019 // By Alex Martin

In this curated list of luxury design gifts, we celebrate the finest and most beautiful examples of heritage and craftsmanship. While some gifts may be forgotten before the holiday season is over, these are built to last through the generations and in time may even become family heirlooms.

Alexandra Llewellyn, Zodiac Backgammon Game

London-based games designer, Alexandra Llewellyn is known for her luxurious game boards (ranging from backgammon sets to playing pieces to poker) made with precious gems (like malachite, lapis, tiger’s eye and more). Not only does each set look like a piece of objet d’art in your living room, but they can also be custom-designed to your preferences.

The Zodiac Backgammon Game is no different: It is inspired by astrology and has a unique round layout (not your traditional rectangular shape) and star constellations are crafted using mother of pearl and silver wire, inlaid by hand. Personalize them with your birthstones or order with custom engraving for your loved ones this season.

From $23,000,

Berd Vay’e, Galaxy

Berd Vay’e was founded in 2014 by fine jewelry and watch-industry veterans. Each sculpture uses up to 2,500 watch parts (each placed meticulously by hand) and is baked within a large lucite structure. The brand’s latest creation, Galaxy, resembles floating orbs. The cube is 9.5 inches x 9.5 inches x 9.5 inches but makes quite a statement for both watch and jewelry lovers alike.

What’s so special about Berd Vay’e sculptures is that each watch part comes from a vintage stopwatch once used in the military or in the railroad industry. There are plenty of other pieces, including an hourglass-shaped sculpture in plenty of sizes, as well as skulls. Each takes weeks to create and is sold in limited quantities.

From $6,900,

Clos19, Bar Cart by Dimorestudio

This limited edition bar cart was designed exclusively for the luxury wine retailer Clos19 and is a fitting home for even its most exclusive bottles. Inspired by 1960s design, the bar cart is made from dark wood and polished brass. It mixes classic elements from both Italian and French heritage to create a timeless piece of furniture that will fit seamlessly into any discerning person’s living room.

Like the design, there has been no compromise with its function. Its revolving bases and internal shelves allow for an array of standing spirits and glassware while its concealed wheels allow for easy mobility. Each piece is hand-crafted to order by master craftsman in Milan.


Hamilton & Inches, Sterling Silver Stag Head Helvelyn Ships Decanter

This beautiful ships decanter from Scottish silversmiths Hamilton and Inches would provide a fitting home to even the most treasured bottle of wine or spirit. Crafted by master silversmiths in Hamilton & Inches dedicated workshop, the sterling silver mounted stag’s head-topped stopper is of the highest quality. The theme makes it an ideal home for a fine bottle of scotch whisky. Natural light shimmers through the crystal decanter, which would accentuate the golden hues of an aged single malt.