Aqui Estoy Halloween Cocktail at The Langham, London

Artesian at The Langham, London has recently been named as the best bar in the world and its new Halloween cocktail – ‘Aqui Estoy’ – shows exactly why the bar is winning material. Bartender Roman Foltan shows Elite Traveler TV how the unique cocktail is made.

Award-winning bar Artesian is known for its amazing cocktails – which has most recently seen it walk away with the bar industry’s most esteemed accolade for the second year running – and it’s take on Halloween is no exception.

Served in a skull with eyes filled in with rice flowers, ‘Aqui Estoy’ is a refreshing, tequila-based cocktail finished with small sticks of Chinese cinnamon, which bartender Roman Foltan says “reminds you of a nice Mexican market and the food if you’ve ever been”.

He adds: “If you’ve never been, I think you should come to the Artesian and try one of these.”

Watch the video to see Roman make Artesian’s unique Halloween cocktail.