World-Way Aviation is the First Brazilian FBO to Join Air Elite® Network

men-521540_640After affirming World-Way Aviation exceeded the highest demands and qualifications of the Air Elite Membership, World-Way Aviation has accepted the invitation from the Air Elite Board and become the 38th member of the network.

Air Elite is a global network of uniquely exceptional FBOs delivering “diamond level” customer service. This premier network earns brand recognition and customer trust by bench marking on legendary customer service, and by ensuring that each location follows high quality standards.

When the FBO begins its operations in 2015, World-Way Aviation will ensure the best aviation safety practices and first class customer service and facilities to comply with Air Elite customer service philosophy.

World-Way Aviation customers will experience the Air Elite “diamond service” and World Fuel Services’ benefits and rewards, such as quadruple FlyBuys Reward when using AVCARD on linked purchases.

“It’s such an honor to represent our country, and at the same time be connected to the Air Elite Network of FBOs that was our source of inspiration and reference for the World-Way Aviation FBO project”  said a World-Way Aviation Spokesperson.

“We are proud to add Brazil in this selective network of Diamond Service Locations throughout the world.”

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