TSA Extends Extra Security Procedures For Commercial Airliners

WASHINGTON, DC — A security directive for commercial airlines set to expire today (December 30) has been extended through Wednesday (December 31), according to the Transportation Safety Administration.

The directive calls for secondary checks of passengers, including pat-downs and hand searches of carry-on baggage immediately before boarding a flight. Flights from foreign countries into the United States are subject to the increased scrutiny.

Additional measures onboard flights are now being left to individual airlines and flight crews, according to CNN. Some of the restrictions included use of blankets and personal items as well as moving around the cabin within one hour of landing.

Private jet flights have not been subject to any new restrictions according to officials from general aviation companies that spoke with Elite Traveler.

At the same time reports are private jet travel is reaching levels not seen since mid-2008. According to Vail Daily, Vail Eagle Airport which operates a slot system for private jets from December 18 to January 4 is reporting its allocations are completely full during daytime periods.

At the same time executives of private jet companies have told Elite Traveler that late planning and snowstorms have led to an increase in demand.

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