Spanish Porcelain Specialists Make NYC Move

New York, New York- Reported by D.J. Larsen for Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle magazine

Lladró, the heralded creator of fine porcelain art is enthusiastic to announce the opening of its new boutique at 500 Madison Avenue in New York City this week.

The ever-glamorous brand is positive the fresh, modern look of the new space will be the perfect canvas for a dynamic display of Lladró’s most innovative collections, in addition to the brand’s new classics. Its original and attractive aesthetics, set the perfect stage for the diverse creations within the Lladró catalog, from décor to functional, including the brand’s latest venture into the lighting world.

This new concept boutique responds to the creative vision of the Lladró family, which has always been a constant in the evolution of the brand. The one-of-a-kind style—featuring predominant white hues and curvaceous lines—was conceived in collaboration with acclaimed Spanish designer Jaime Hayon.

Lladró, soon to celebrate its 60th anniversary, was one of the first Spanish companies to have a boutique in Manhattan, open since 1988. The decision to relocate from the brand’s flagship building on 57th street resulted fromt eh brand’s desire to move to the heart of the city’s luxury shopping district.

With optimism circling the relocation, the opening of 500 Madison is sure to represent the beginning of a new generation of Lladró boutiques, all located in the best shopping districts in main cities throughout the world. More than ten new stores will open by the end of this year, amongst them Dubai, Istanbul and Myanmar.