Spa of the Week: Amanoi, Vietnam

By Lauren Jade Hill

Aman’s Vietnam resort Amanoi sits within the scenic crescent of Vinh Hy Bay, overlooking a private stretch of beach, with a hillside vantage point affording guests views over the pristine shores. Here, guest pavilions, villas and palatial residences are clustered alongside the sprawling Amanoi Spa, with a serene setting owing to the national park it lies within. Adding to the appeal of Amanoi Spa, the resort has now added two Spa Houses to its collection of villas and residences, tying in with the launch of Aman Wellness retreats and immersions.

From the lotus pavilion, which sits on a lake of lotus flowers, to the swimming pools with panoramic views, the resort provides ample space for relaxation. Then, considered to be one of the most comprehensive and innovative spas in Vietnam, the spa encompasses a number of open-air relaxation lounges, a collection of double treatment suites, two hydrotherapy suites, hand and foot therapy rooms and a hair and finishing salon. Fitness facilities then include a spacious light-filled gym, Pilates studio and two outdoor tennis courts.

The first of their kind in Vietnam, the two new Spa Houses, which accommodate two to four guests, are located alongside the spa. While Lotus Spa House is distinguished by its views over the tranquil lake, Peaceful Mountain Spa House provides views across the national park. Each guest who stays benefits from the expertise of two specialist spa therapists, as well as private spa facilities, including a double treatment room, Jacuzzi, steam room, ice fountain and plunge pool, plus an outdoor infinity pool to make the most of the views.

The spa menu here ranges from Watsu, Reiki and reflexology to Bodywork and Energywork sessions spanning yoga, Tai Chi, kickboxing and circuit training. And to coincide with the launch of the two Spa Houses, the resort has introduced three individual Wellness Immersion programs: The Eastern Approaches to Weight Management program, the Movement, Mindfulness and Stress Control immersion, and the Longevity, Rejuvenation and Detoxification immersion. Each of these expertly curated programs lasts between three and ten days, putting guests on the right path to a better sense of wellbeing.

Both the launch of the new Spa Houses and these wellness retreats and immersions make Amanoi the spa to pay a trip to right now.