Sky 21 Celebrates its First Anniversary with Master Chefs

Macau, China– Reported by Donovan Longo for Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazine

Sky 21, Bar and Restaurant, is celebrating its first anniversary with a display of the talent and creativity of their master chefs. Through collaboration, Sky 21’s master chefs have created a variety of distinctive pan-Asian cuisine from Japanese, India and Vietnam in order to ignite plates and palates alike. Also as a continued celebration Sky 21 is offering a complimentary specialty entree to four customers dining together from now until the fourteenth of December.
Sky 21 is the have-it-all entertainment experience in Macau. Due to its large array of Asian gourmet, this oasis provides a taste for all guests. The chefs come from different backgrounds and provide diners with a variety of flavors and experiences.

The master Japanese chef is Steven Ying. “I choose ingredients that are fresh and in season to ensure that our guests can enjoy the freshest dishes from fish, sea urchins to scallops, which we airlift from Japan at least three times a week. Even our rice is imported from Japan,” said Ying. With more than 20 years experience and a passion for Japanese cuisine, his preparation is meticulous and delicious.

The master Vietnamese chef, Duong, grew up in northern Vietnam. “Nothing is taken lightly. I use a lot of pork and chicken bones and simmer them for at least three hours to produce a premium stock,” Duong said. Diners can taste the fervor and work that go into each one of Duong’s traditionally Vietnamese dishes.

Lastly, Soban is Sky 21’s master Indian chef; he learned his skills from his father who served as one of the royal chefs of the Taj Mahal. “You can enjoy the color, flavor and taste authentic Indian curry at Sky 21. Indian food is known for the richness of spice and I use more than 20 different spices to concoct the unique flavor,” Soban said proudly.

Sky 21 is serving up an array of Asian gourmet dishes, all guests are encouraged to join in the celebration and enjoy all that this one of a kind restaurant has to offer.