Phulay Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve Introduces Thai Infusions Cocktails

Phulay Bay CocktailsPhulay Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve, introduces guests to a personal tasting experience with new, exclusively infused spirits: Thai Infusions.

Inspired by local flavors and ingredients, such as red chillies, Thai basil, Kaffir lime, and Thai coriander, Phulay Bay’s new Thai Infusions allow guests to enjoy traditional Thai tastes and gives them the opportunity to be their own mixologists by creating cocktails to showcase personality, uniqueness and creativity.

Thai Infusions are handcrafted by individual Phulay Bay mixologists from the property, with each infusion representing the flavors that capture the essence of Thailand. Displayed in glass “Infusion Jars”, each of the six infusions incorporate fresh local ingredients that are then soaked with a clear spirit such as vodka.

For instance, the Khun Att Infusion combines vodka, green pepper, yellow pepper, red pepper, red chilies and black pepper to create a spicy cocktail experience. Infusion flavors range from hot and fiery or crisp and refreshing to herbal and earthy or soothing and fruity.

Guests can enjoy each Thai Infusion spirit over ice or indulge in one of the signature cocktails such as the Dang Sling, which combines peach liquor, lime juice, fresh pressed mango juice, lemongrass, sugar syrup, grenadine and the Khun Dang infusion vodka. Or, guests are encouraged to take their own hand at mixology and design personalized cocktails, even naming it after themselves, by combining the infusions with mixers of their choice.

“Our newest cocktails offer guests the opportunity to enjoy the many flavors of Thailand,” said Khun Att, mixologist at Phulay Bay. “These infusions showcase not only the local ingredients that surround our property, but also our effort to continuously bring guests experiences that speak to the region and allow them to immerse themselves in the culture.”