Padma Lakshmi Launches Jewelry Line

Former fashion model and current Top Chef-host Padma Lakshmi is adding one more title to the list: jewelry designer. This week, she launched her namesake line, PADMA, available exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman in New York.

Full of 10 and 14 karat gold pieces, PADMA embraces a delicate balance between Eastern and Western design—a fusion of which mirrors Lakshmi herself. (Lakshmi was born in India but grew up in both India and the U.S.) And she didn’t leave food out of the equation either. The entire line is inspired by precious spices, the bangles and necklaces featuring pods and seeds of gold that dangle like traditional Indian jewelry.

“I love the rich heritage and beauty of traditional Indian jewelry, but I wanted something more modern and delicate,” Lakshmi said in a press release. “ I also wanted to create something that women would love to wear everyday; pieces that work with jeans and cocktail dresses.”

Lakshmi also utilizes the Hindu philosophy of the “Nav,” a concept which brings together nine specific gemstones into one piece. The idea states that donning all nine stones simultaneously gives the wearer energy, harmony and luck by harnessing the power of the planets.

But while the line has a clear Indian influence, the petite frames and more contemporary precious stones give the jewelry a modern tone. With all the sources of inspiration, PADMA truly resulted in a collection that screams femininity and global traditions, a unique future heirloom.

“For me, whether it’s food or fashion, it’s about taste,” Lakshmi said in a press release. “[I’ve] curated the best of what I’ve hunted and gathered from around the world to create something beautiful for the senses.”