Noble Titles Holds Luxury Court, Giving Elite Class a Chance to Become Royalty

London, United Kingdom—Reported by Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazine

Everyone on earth has dreamed of becoming royalty—memorizing tales of knights and princesses as children, zealously following wedding plans and tabloid rumors as adults—and for most of us, these dreams will always remain only that: lucid, but unattainable fantasies.

So wish on. Imagine being introduced as Prince or Princess at every cocktail party. Imagine the doors that would open for you at the office. Imagine the respect you would be shown by everyone in your day-to-day life. Now stop imagining.

Thanks to British heritage research and purveyors Noble Titles—who offer the genuine opportunity to own a feudal principality, far better than a private island or penthouse suite in that they allow one to become an actual Prince or Princess— you no longer have to play make believe.
A truly life changing investment, the title of Honoree Prince or Princess, valued at $485,000, comes with all ownership rights included, and is a legitimate and genuine bestowment granted by a European King or Queen.

“A principality is an extraordinary title to own, and are extremely rare to come across,” Noble Titles owner Graham Fothergill comments. “Whoever purchases the title will find a huge difference is made to their lives, both personally and professionally…They can expect to find many new doors are opened for them, including the opportunity to meet fellow members of the aristocracy.”

The life of royalty is one not just of luxury, but also intrigue, and in this spirit (and due due to the highly confidential nature of the Principality) the identity of the bestowing King or Queen will be exclusively disclosed to the Noble Title recipients.