Most Expensive House in London

buckingham palaceLondon – one of the most beautiful and expensive cities in the world – is known for its elegant lifestyle and grandeur.

The glitz and glamour of some of the most exclusive areas in London has made it famous for its stately homes, replete with lush gardens, pools, and other unique elements. Drawing buyers from all parts of the world, London boasts of an array of pricey homes, with asking prices rumored to be up to $100 million.

From the ancient Buckingham Palace, to the grand One Hyde Park penthouse, which could put the US President’s security to shame – every house has a glorious chronicle.

The famous Buckingham Palace draws visitors from around the world.  Not on the list of the houses that are up for sale, the palace is worth $1.56 billion, as estimated by Nationwide Building Society in 2012, and will probably take a revolution to be listed online!

Next on our list is Witanhurst building, the Grade II-listed building located in Highgate, North London. Although the estate came into existence way back in 1774, the five-storey building was built somewhere around 1920. Notably, this place was earlier known as Park Estate.

With 10 bedrooms, Franchuk Villa in Kensington is supposedly the largest house in London, according to media reports. It shot into limelight when a philanthropist, Ms Franchuk, purchased the house for a record high price in 2010. However, within less than two years, she sold it for a low price to Mike Spink who renovated the property and put it up for sale.

Toprak Mansion situated at Bishops Avenue is becoming the talk of the town for its resale price. Exclusively built in a Turkish style, it features a green copper roof, a glass lift and a beautiful double staircase.

A penthouse in One Hyde Park is grabbing the attention of real estate brokers with its record-breaking £140 million price tag. This is perhaps the only flat on par with individual buildings in the city and boasts rich interiors that include windows extending from the floor to the ceiling, a chain of spas, and squash courts.

A house that cannot be ignored when we talk of expensive houses is a home in Rutland Gate. With over 45 bedrooms and seven storeys, this building is officially not on the ‘for sale’ list. Anyone obsessed with greenery would love this place as 68 of its windows offer unrestricted views of the parks.

We dig through the listings to uncover London’s priciest pads, and also bring you an inside account of what makes their prices tick!