Lufthansa First Class – Best in Class

Lufthansa_seat2Unhurried, elegant, exceptional. Lufthansa First Class delivers an unforgettable experience for the elite traveler, seamlessly uniting luxury on the ground and comfort in the air for enlightened travel that exceeds expectations.

The clean, relaxing lines of the First Class lounge usher you gently into your onboard experience.

State-of-the-art insulation ensures relaxing quiet, while the cabin humidification systems mimic ground conditions.

New First Class seats extend to 6.8 feet, fully flat and are surrounded by the latest in privacy screens and curtains to ensure an unmatched level of comfort. First Class menus from luminary chefs provide a cuisine experience to match this opulence.

On the ground, you can expect the same award-winning service, replete with thoughtful, personal touches. Personal assistants will be available at many airports worldwide to provide you with support and assistance. Welcome to a new world of flight for the discerning traveler. Welcome to Lufthansa First Class.


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