Little Whale Cay – The Berry Islands, Caribbean

A private beach is one thing – a private island is another. On Little Whale Cay, you have 93 acres and spectacular views of the sea all to yourself. Accessible to only you and your guests, the island has 3 private homes: Flamingo House with 3 bedrooms, Little Whale House with 2, and Peacock House with 1. Just a 15-minute flight from Nassau, this piece of paradise has all the modern amenities one could need, including flat screen satellite TVs, Wi-Fi, telephone, air conditioning, and a gym. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean’s sparkling blue water, you’ll want to take advantage of the island harbor with provided sailing dinghies and kayaks. On land, the island has its own tennis court, infinity pool, and alfresco dining perfect for cocktail hour. And its beach is as remote as it gets. On-site chef, laundry, and maid service are added perks.

(Sleeps 12 – From about $14,760 per night: