InterContinental Miami Renovation Welcomes Modern Amenities without Sacrificing Old-World Charm

Miami, Florida—Reported by Coleman Bentley for Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazine

Spearheaded by Venus Williams’s V Starr design firm, InterContinental Miami’s two new 3,300 square-feet presidential suites, Royal Palm and Metropolis, will be fit for the stars…considering they are designed by one.

Part of a much bigger, multi-million dollar renovation of the longstanding downtown Miami hotel, each space is distinctively different, honoring the evolution of the contemporary international hot spot. The Royal Palm, named after Miami’s first hotel to feature electric lights (now a must for the neon-drenched South Beach strip), boasts a color scheme made up of oranges, yellows and whites—clearly Floridian—while the Metropolis, embracing The Miami Metropolis’s first journalistic inspiration, uses more natural tones of gray and tan hues that convey a more modern city feel. Both come complete with a master bedroom living room, dining room, multi media room and kitchenette to make it comfortable for this travel hub’s international road and sky warriors.

The InterContinental Miami’s look has changed outside as well as in with a revolutionary use of technology creating a dynamic look that will forever change the Miami skyline, but the hotel’s soul remains the same. That soul, an original Henry Moore 18-foot sculpture dubbed The Spindle, would be tough to relocate even if the hotel wanted to, weighing in at 70-tons of museum-worthy travertine marble and precious African wood.

InterContinental Miami will debut all the new components of the renovation, including a brand new culinary destination, and officially unveil the Digital Canvas (The content will feature the local art and culture scene as a form of contemporary art and will be developed by an in-house curator of digital art) in time for Art Basel Miami, December 6-9.