Cool Down With These Summer Escapes

10th August 2018 // By Eleanor Birdsall-Smith

Wherever you are, the likelihood is that you’re far too hot. A heatwave has swept across the world leaving everyone floundering as to what to do with themselves. The season which usually has us all yearning for sunny holidays has instead left everyone dreaming wistfully of ice and cool breezes. To ensure you can enjoy your summer holidays while still getting that cold fix we’re all searching for, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide of hot places to cool down in so you can stay stylish in the sun. From snow room spa treatments in the Maldives to glamorous rooftop pools and bars in London this list ensures you can chill out in style while still soaking up the sun.

The Peninsula New York

New York, USA

Known for its luxurious location (with quick access to the Fendi, Armani and Prada flagships just around the corner) The Peninsula New York is also a great spot to cool off from the city heat. A night in a Rooftop bar is one of the most enjoyable ways to escape from the summer sun, and the Peninsula has one of the best in the city. Salon de Ning, which is decorated with 1930s Shanghai inspired glamour provides a cool breeze and a peaceful escape from the hot bustling streets, while offering stunning fifth avenue city views. As well as their usual delicious cocktail menu, in the summer months Salon de Ning also offer alcoholic cocktail ice creams made exclusively for the hotel by Brooklyn-based purveyor Davey’s Ice Cream, which provide the ultimate late-night cool down. If you need a deeper more intense remedy to the hot Manhattan bustle, the Peninsula’s award winning spa offers a CRYO 3R Facial, which uses cold techniques to calm, tighten and repair your skin. The hotel itself offers 5-star luxury with a classically elegant design, the staff are excellent and there are Oscar de la Renta bath products in all the rooms. The hotel is also currently exhibiting original works by Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel Basquiat as part of the hotels 30th anniversary.

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