Gurhan Launches Collection for Metropolitan Museum of Art

Gurhan Gold Ornament Necklace<i>Afghanistan</i> 1st Century Tree of Life Crown” width=”390″ height=”360″ class=”alignright size-full” title=”<i>Afghanistan</i> 1st Century Tree of Life Crown” /><img src=

The Hidden Treasures Collection, available for sale at the Met Store, includes an array of turquoise pieces like the spectacular Gold Ornament Necklace (above) with droplet pearls. Oval-shaped stones, of lapis lazuli, carnelian, or garnet, are set in granulated gold frames and made into pendants, link bracelets, drop earrings and cocktail rings. Bangles, like those available in his namesake line, feature the same stones, which were also used by ancient craftsman. It’s as if looking at Gurhan’s collection, although in the store, it should actually be part of the exhibit itself.

The Gurhan Hidden Treasures Collection retails for $300-$24,000. It is available beginning June 23, 2009, when the Met’s Afghanistan exhibit opens to the public. Visit