Guide to Washington, DC

By Becca Hensley

This story originally appeared in the May/June 2017 issue of Elite Traveler.

History plays a starring role inWashington, DC, the United States’ bold, audacious, urban enclave. Where earth-shaking, life-changing business gets done every day, and with a storied past, the district exudes power and drama like no other place. From blue-blooded Georgetown to high-octane Capitol Hill and a slew of eclectic neighborhoods, DC flaunts a varied allure, with a melange of the best of pretty much everything in the world. Presenting top performances at The Kennedy Center, showcasing museum collections and memorials that bedazzle the senses, tempting with some of the world’s most distinctive and satisfying restaurants and bars, this law-making, deal-signing power vortex on the Potomac has an energy all its own. Visit in springtime when the pink and white cherry blossoms bloom. Plan to shop the boutiques on M Street and Wisconsin Avenue, take a night-time cruise on the river, eat crab in Maryland and sip a fine vintage in Virginia’s hilly wine country.Or, just luxuriate in your eye-catching suite, since the district has some of the most opulent guest rooms in the world.