Guide to Botswana

3rd November 2017 // By Lauren Hill

Take Three/// Ways to Explore


Game Drives Each day at sunrise and again in the afternoon following high tea, you can set out on game drives in open-top Land Rovers, which are durable enough to navigate the most rugged of terrain and drive through surprisingly deep stretches of water with relative ease. Benefiting from years of well-earned experience and unrivaled knowledge of the remarkable surroundings, the guides track both predators and prey, from leopards, lions and wild dogs to the birdlife and miniature reed frogs.

Nature Walks In the drier season (December to March) nature walks provide you with a closer, ground-level insight into the surroundings, with more time to appreciate the smaller sights including the animal tracks and extraordinarily colorful birdlife.


Mokoro Excursions This region’s long, narrow dug-out canoes were first made by the native BaYei people in around 1750, and are still used to this day to navigate the floodplains. As each mokoro silently glides across the shallow water, birds hover and flit between trees and lilies bloom amid the long grass and reeds, while the crystal clear water mirrors every detail of the land and sky.

River Safari The delta’s plains are intersected by rivers and meandering channels that run between lagoons, making boat trips possible year-round. Pass elephants as they wade through the rivers, watch as hippos wallow at the water’s edge and see impala and waterbucks grazing nearby, with fish eagles perched at the top of the riverbanks’ trees.


Helicopter The journey between camps is usually by light aircraft, giving you a birds-eye view of this unique environment. But for an even more memorable experience, you can take a scenic helicopter flight; as it flies lower over the land, wildlife visibility and photo opportunities are heightened.

Hot Air Balloon If you’re visiting between April and September, Wilderness can arrange hot air balloon flights. Wildlife can be seen crossing the floodplains as well as the grasslands.