Get Fit With Waikiki EDITION’s New Surf And Bikini Boot Camp

Honolulu, Hawaii – Reported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle Magazine

The luxe lifestyle hotel Waikiki EDITION opened in Oahu in October 2010, and brand-new to 2011 is their Surf and Bikini Boot Camp, promising a unique blend of fitness, wellness and luxury. Designed by an expert team of pro-surfers, naturalists, yogis and personal trainers, the camp is a perfect retreat for ocean- and exercise-loving adventure seekers.

During this four-day, all-inclusive boot camp, you’ll engage in vigorous physical activity, experience rejuvenating spa therapies and explore the many natural wonders Oahu has to offer. Almost synonymous with Hawaii, surfing is a sport that offers a truly full-body workout and develops strength, control and an intimate understanding of nature’s rhythms. In addition to surfing, you’ll hike, kayak, run, do yoga, snorkel and of course, spa.

The program can be customized to your individual fitness goals, as well as to different ages and physical abilities. Over the course of the four days, you’ll focus on the wellbeing of both mind and body and dine on delicious, nutritious and calorie-sensitive cuisine.

The boot camp’s premiere ran from January 13 to 16, and additional sessions are scheduled for February 17 to 20, March 23 to 26, April 27 to 30, May 26 to 29 and June 22 to 25, 2011. Prices are $775 per day for single occupancy and $1220 per day for double occupancy.

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