Excelaire Launches Private Jet Service to Cuba

legacyexteriorExcelAire today announced that it began private jet charter service to Cuba, with direct flights from 19 U.S. cities.  ExcelAire, one of the nation’s leading private jet charter firms, completed its first trip to Cuba, from JFK to Havana, on December 21.

For travel to Cuba, ExcelAire has obtained FAA authorizations, and can fly direct to Havana from one of the 19 U.S. government-designated portal airports in the U.S.

“ExcelAire is one of the few private jet charter firms with the necessary certifications and authorizations, and we have already successfully completed our first trip to Cuba,” said Greg Brinkman, President, ExcelAire.  “As Cuba becomes a more popular destination, we provide travelers with a fleet of luxurious private jets – from the G450 to the Embraer Legacy – along with the highest levels of customer service and expertise to make each trip a success.”

For travelers to Cuba, U.S. citizens are required to comply with U.S. government restrictions that require each visitor to receive a visa/license.

ExcelAire is now accepting requests for private jet travel to Cuba, starting immediately by calling 631-737-0477 or visiting