Pop-up Volcano Adventure in Hawaii

27th October 2017 // By Samantha Coles

This story originally appeared in the September/October 2017 issue of Elite Traveler.

Hawaii has some of the most diverse and dramatic landscapes in the world, with active volcanoes, waterfalls as high as a skyscraper, lush jungles and stunning beaches. The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai offers an adventure to fully experience the unique island. Fly over the northern Kohala mountains on a private helicopter charter, land in an exclusive-access area for a secluded picnic before embarking on a guided hike to Kamokuna, where more than a million gallons of lava flow into the ocean every hour.

Next, hike over Kilauea volcano where you’ll see active lava flowing and learn how this continuously erupting volcano has shaped the land by one of world’s leading volcanologists. Staying in the Rainforest Cottage Hideaway, you’ll enjoy an exquisite custom-made dinner and, after dark, view the ongoing gas eruptions and glowing molten lava at the Kilauea caldera.

From $39,500 for overnight experience for four people. Available exclusively to guests of Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, contact, +1 808 325 8000,

Illustration by Robert Nicol