Divine Aviation


There was a time when flying was not an inconvenience, but instead something special and luxurious; a marvel of the rapidly modernizing world.

While in-flight expectations have since become based on point-A-to-point-B utility, SkyAngels, a private jet staffing organization, strives to recapture that original sense of wonder on every flight, with a focus on precise training, custom staffing, and immaculate service propelling them to the pinnacle of customer-service standards.

SkyAngels and their eponymous crew of highly trained in-flight professionals’ single-minded service commitment has proven infectious as well, with 90 percent of the brand’s clients, including Ashton Kutcher, Relativity Media, and Silicon Valley tech moguls, stepping aboard as repeat guests.

Some have even gone as far as to alter their scheduled flights in order to accommodate the availability of a SkyAngel, each of whom is interviewed, vetted, and trained to embody the brand’s core values of sincerity, selflessness, and anticipation.

This success, achieved over a relatively short period of time, has prompted 2014 expansion into Asia and plans for a permanent training academy, further reinforcing the fact that once you experience SkyAngels, flying without them just isn’t flying.

Founder Steffany Kisling

(310) 421-8153