Chebeague Island Inn Unveils 68 South Guesthouse

By Coleman Bentley

68 South guesthouse

Chebeague Island Inn’s 68 South

Los Cabos, Dubai, Maldives, Maine; with the debut of its new 68 South guesthouse, Chebeague Island Inn is set challenge the luxury travel paradigm.

Originally hailing from New Hampshire, I will admit my initial interest in Chebeague Island Inn was based on the fact that it lay in my relative “backyard.” Maine is a hotbed of many things—Lobster, micro-breweries, coastal scenery—but luxury boutique hotels are few and far between, so it came as a pleasant surprise when I sat down with the inn’s General Manager, Casey Prentice, to discuss, A-list celebrities, locally sourced cuisine and, of course, the opening of the inn’s stand-alone guest house, 68 South.

Since acquiring the hotel in 2010—a stunning Greek revival structure built in 1880 that has withstood fire, economic depression and over 120 Maine winters—Prentice has transformed the inn into one of the Northeast’s most singular destinations. Aided by it’s location on Chebeague Island, a small fishing and farming community 10 miles off the coast of Portland, the property has become know as much for its experiential experiences, such as pulling up lobster traps with actual Maine fishermen, as it accommodations; though all that is about to change.

Thanks to 68 South, a turn-of-the-century home boasting 2,154 square feet of seaside charm, Chebeague Island Inn is now offering one of the New England coastline’s finest stays. Housing nine guests in four bedrooms, 68 South prides itself on offering bespoke experiences sure to suit the needs of even the most particular traveler. Want to host a private barbeque in the sprawling backyard? Simply enlist the help of a private to man the grills. Don’t want to worry about kenneling your pets? That’s fine, 68 South is dog-friendly.

In the end, Chebeague Island Inn, with its combination of local flare and top-tier accomodations, is perfect summer stay for those travelers looking to trek off the well-trod, luxury-resort path.