Celebrate Balinese New Year with InterContinental Bali

Intercontinental Bali ResortLike many other countries, Bali also celebrates its New Year, which is known as ‘Nyepi’ – also called the ‘Day of Silence’.

As one of the most important dates in the local calendar, every effort is made to observe the rules of this cultural holiday.

It is celebrated with a 24-hour period of solitude and all forms of activity on the island come to a complete standstill. The Balinese believe that New Year is a time to appease the unseen forces of the underworld and an opportunity to cleanse the island from impurities and disturbing elements.

The night before Nyepi – known as ‘Ngrupuk’ or the Bhuta Yajna ritual – is meant to appease Batara Kala via a Pecaruan offering. Every Hindu Balinese village normally makes ‘ogoh-ogoh’ – demonic statues made of bamboo and paper symbolizing negative elements.

After the ogoh-ogoh have been paraded around the village, the Ngrupuk ritual takes place, which involves them being burnt.

Experience one magical day of pure silence in the Island of Gods and explore the resort by staying at InterContinental Bali Resort during Nyepi.

The Nyepi Family Fun Package at InterContinental Bali Resort includes a daily buffet breakfast for up to four persons, daily access to Planet Trekkers (plus unlimited gelato for two children), complimentary internet access and extra person charge.

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