Cancun Begins $58 Million Beach Restoration Project

The beaches of Cancun, known for their majestic beauty, will soon be benefiting from a $58 million beach rehabilitation and recuperation project that began in September, and is taking place throughout the state of Quintana Roo. The restoration project, being funded by both federal and state governments as well as local participating municipalities, will restore miles of beaches to their original splendor, that have been affected by time, erosion and climate change.

The project originally began with a team of researchers who studied a range of factors prior to the restoration, such as the variety of cycles within climates that would provide the ideal moment to begin revitalizing the beautiful beaches of the state.

The project’s purpose goes beyond replenishing sand. Its main objective is to provide a permanent environmentally conscience solution not only for the beach areas, but for the entire Mexican Caribbean coast. Quintana Roo State Governor, Felix Gonzalez, has emphasized that all actions surrounding this project must strictly abide by the legal provisions and guidelines set by the Environmental Impact Statement. Careful planning and procedures have also been implemented in order to ensure the activities and services Cancun is known for, remain unaffected.

In addition to contributing to the development of Mexico’s social and economic statue, the final goal in restoring Cancun’s famous beaches is to reestablish Cancun’s magnificent sustainability for every tourist from around the world to enjoy.