Brazilian Beauty

Sunlit Sanctuary / Insólito Boutique HotelHounded by paparazzi, Brigitte Bardot once escaped Rio de Janeiro to Buzios, a chilled-out beach town set on a picturesque peninsula about two hours from the frenzy of Copacabana.

With both the FIFA World Cup and Summer Olympic Games coming to town in the next few years, Rio is set to take on even more crazy energy than usual—so you might just be tempted to do the same.

If you do, stay at the Insólito Boutique Hotel, a stylish, exclusive little place hovering over the aquamarine waters of Ferradura Bay. You’ll breakfast al fresco on the patio while “Girl from Ipanema” plays softly in the background, then lounge in a poolside cabana (an array of furniture built for relaxing is spread out along a series of interlocking verandas), or on the private pink sands below.

Two yachts (a 30-footer and a 19-footer) are available for charter, and a full-service spa will melt away any Rio-related tensions.

Retire to the lovely, 720-square-foot Insólito Suite (rate available upon request), carefully decorated in modernist, distinctively Brazilian tones, and nicely equipped with a double shower, sitting room, DVD/iPod/LCD TV system and a whirlpool out on the veranda to take in the sunset.

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