Ashford Castle Launches New Kid’s Program

Ireland has long been known as the land of legend and mystery, and Ashford Castle, one of Ireland’s most renowned castle-hotels, is located precisely where the myths (…or true stories?) of both fairies and leprechauns originated. To share this mystical history with its guests, Ashford Castle has created a special, two-night family program geared towards children – as well as the other little ones…the fairies and leprechauns, of course!

The Myths of Ashford Castle: Fairies & Leprechauns begins in the Drawing Room, where local historian Mick May tells children a tale about, you guessed it, fairies and leprechauns. Children are then given a special leprechaun hat to wear throughout the day, and the group sets off for a treasure hunt in search of a pot of gold – eventually finding one filled with gold-covered chocolate coins. All children receive a four-leaf clover shamrock necklace for good luck as well as a book on Ashford Castle’s myths, including myths of, you guessed it again, fairies and leprechauns. The day ends with a special hot chocolate in the Drawing Room.