ARGUS Finds October Business Aircraft Activity Rebounds from September

Cincinnati, Ohio – Reported by Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazine

ARGUS TRAQPak data is serial-number specific aircraft arrival and departure information on all IFR flights in the US (including Alaska and Hawaii). October 2011 flight activity tilts positive after a negative September. TRAQPak data indicates that October 2011 business aircraft activity rebounded from September 2011, finishing up 3.7%. Looking at the results for operational categories, all of them managed to post a positive month, which was a complete reversal from September. Leading the way was the Part 91 market posting a 4.8% month over month increase. The fractional market followed, up 2.7%, and Part 135 showed modest gains as well, up 2.3%. The aircraft categories mimicked the operational categories with large cabin posting the largest month over month gain, up 5.8%. Small cabin aircraft were right behind, up 5.1%, followed by mid-size cabin, up 4.9%, and turbo props, up 1.7%. The largest month over month increase was in the Part 91 mid-size cabin market which managed to post a month over month increase of 7.1%.

Comparing year over year results (October 2011 vs. October 2010) aircraft activity decreased slightly, down 1.5%. Comparing the operational categories the Part 91 market continues its positive year over year growth, up 2.6% from October 2010. Looking at the other side of spectrum the Part 135 market continued its year over year struggles, down 7.9%. The fractional market was also on the downside, down 3.1%. Aircraft category results were mainly negative this month with the exception of the small cabin aircraft segment which managed to post a slight increase, up 0.4%. Mid-size cabin aircraft were on the negative side, down 1.5%, followed by turbo props, down 2.3%, and large cabin, down 2.6%. Looking at individual market segments, the Part 91 small cabin segment saw the largest year over year gain with an increase of 8.7%.