10 Things Tony Blair Just Told Me



Elite Traveler Editor-in-Chief’s Doug Gollan attended this week’s WTTC Asia Summit in Seoul, South Korea. Here, he sums up some of the things said in Tony Blair’s keynote speech.

1. Tony Blair’s first job was a barman at a Paris hotel.

2. You will never get people to agree about the past.

3. One of the ironies of being a Prime Minister is you learn a lot of things after you leave that would have been helpful when you were Prime Minister.

4. Winning the Olympic bid for London was “a day of joy and seven years of agony”.

5. Never give up.

6. The future belongs to the open minded.

7. Tourism helps a country’s social development.

8. Travel and tourism is a force for good.

9. The education of government is a long and difficult process, but it’s worth trying.

10.  The Travel & Tourism industry has to show governments the benefits beyond GDP.