Tongsai Bay

KOH SAMUI, Thailand

Why we love it

Bordered by lush, tropical gardens, Tongsai Bay overlooks a private, 656ft white-sand bay. Every detail of the resort embraces and repects the natural surrondings. The family-owned hotel is incredibly environmentally conscious — the extensive green policy protects the pristine area and wildlife, and during construction, not a single tree was cut down. The resort even produces effective microorganisms from fruits to use as natural cleaning agents.


Martin Heiniger, general manager,, +66 2229 4200


Akorn Villa
Size 2,841 sq ft
Nightly rate $890
Named after Tongsai Bay’s founder, Akorn Hoontrakul (who famously bought the land and slept on the beach for three months until he perfected his plans for the resort), the Akorn Villa is the largest accomodation with an enormous terrace providing far-reaching sea views beyond a private pool.


Prana Spa
A dreamy, intimate spa complemented by the tranquil natural surroundings. The Samui Dream is the signature treatment, a traditional Thai remedy that combines coconut oil and local herbs to help repair sun-damaged skin.


Chef Chom’s Thai Restaurant
Thais divide Thailand into four distinct regions: north (Nua), north- eastern (Isan), central (Klang) and the south (Dtai). Each region’s climate and topography is vastly different, resulting in many produces, flavors and culinary styles. The cuisine at Chef Chom’s authentically reflects these regions, and rest assured you’re in safe hands — the restaurant was named after Chef Piengchom Dhadahbanand, former chef in the Royal Thai household, who has trained more than 500 cooks and chefs, including the current culinary team.

Private dining
Dine by candlelight with a personal chef and waiter, and choose a secluded corner of the beach or dine on your private balcony.



Elite Traveler Tip
Don’t miss the weekly movie night on the beach. Watch the latest release or an old favorite as you feel the sand in your toes and relax on a traditional Thai cushion and beanbag