The Nautilus Maldives

Baa Atoll, The Maldives

Why we love it

What if a vacation in the Maldives could be done differently, more meaningfully? Privately owned by a Maldivian entrepreneur, The Nautilus has been created to answer that question. A bohemian hideaway set in the otherworldly beauty of a Unesco biosphere reserve, The Nautilus is an immensely private resort of 26 all-suite beach and ocean houses. Every guest will feel as if they are staying on their own private island. A celebration of the individual spirit, The Nautilus is driven by a philosophy of offering guests total liberation. Most of all, The Nautilus was created to express a personal vision of the best that luxury can be — not just in the Maldives, but worldwide. The Nautilus stands for complete freedom and luxury that’s both simple and elegant. Its philosophy is a world of your making, and the team believes that the private island is a place where guests are free to do and behave as they would if it were their own island, so they can experience a true escape from their normal lives. To make that happen, the island philosophy includes a number of hallmarks. The first is: time stands still, ensuring guests aren’t slaves to the clock in the way they are in their everyday lives. This means flexible opening and closing hours in restaurants, so you can eat whenever you like. There’s the possibility of not having appointment times at the spa, so you can have a massage whenever — and wherever — you feel you need one. The second hallmark is unscripted dining, meaning guests can order whatever they want and aren’t limited to what’s on the menu. Another hallmark is a free-spirited experience, which simply means that the resort doesn’t set rules: There are no dress codes and no need for anyone to do anything other than simply focus on being happy. The resort places an emphasis on truly getting to know guests, so that the staff know, even before the guests do, what they may feel like doing and when. Guests can expect to meet the outstanding House Captains (butlers) who’ll craft a plan depending on exactly what they want to do.

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The Nautilus Maldives Beach Residence
Size 3,000 sq ft
Nightly rate from $19,055
This freestanding duplex house sits on its own private section of gorgeous beach with three bedrooms, dining room, living room, huge balcony, private terrace and swimming pool. The island’s signature house, The Residence, was designed by the owner as his ultimate beach home. Available for once-in-a-lifetime stays, it’s a castle on the sand, located in a spectacular spot on the beach, with custom-made furnishings created with hand-selected materials. Objects d’art and decor capture the pure new-bohemian spirit of the island, while the retreat’s elegant, sunlit, breeze-cooled spaces promise serenity and privacy. This house also features three en-suite bathrooms. Spacious and beautifully appointed, two are upstairs and one is downstairs with an open-air shower, in addition to the indoor walk-in shower and free-standing bath tub. Guests can choose from three different designer bathroom toiletries — a heritage luxury brand, a modern luxury brand and an eco-friendly natural brand.


The Spa
The Spa at The Nautilus sets you on your own path to wellness, drawing on ancient wisdoms and modern innovations for a bespoke transformative journey. Situated on stilts over the lagoon with glass-floored treatment rooms, the spa specializes in bespoke wellness programs and daily rituals that refresh and relax, pamper and protect. Salute the sun at dawn, discover alternative healing, join complimentary wellness classes or craft your own path to restoration. On the quiet, unrushed shores of The Nautilus, life moves at a different pace. You’ve got all the time in the world to reflect and recalibrate.


Thiladhoo Island
Baa Atoll
The Maldives





Elite Traveler Tip
Secluded and intimate, an entire island can be yours to command. Reserve The Nautilus for exclusive use for your family and friends to enjoy in complete privacy. Small and intimate weddings, opulent gatherings, anniversaries or multi-generational family reunions — whatever the occasion, an unforgettable experience awaits