BeachFront Living Kenoa Villa

Kenoa is located on Brazil’s stunning northeastern coast, caressed by an emerald- colored, seemingly infinite ocean and miles of pristine white beach.

Its position just nine degrees south of the equator ensures year-round summer climes. When founder Pedro Marques first dreamed up the lush, stylish hideaway, he instantly envisioned a space that would provide for mental, physical and environmental equilibrium.

The hotel confidently stands out as much as it blends in with the overwhelming natural beauty of its unique location. Redefining eco-friendly well-being, Kenoa is a happy symphony of social and environmental awareness, permeated by Zen-like luxury: Its humble, yet chic design persona dissolves the boundaries between man-made and natural, allowing for true relaxation and escape.

Escritor Jorge de Lima, 58, Barra de São Miguel, Alagoas, Brazil

Guest Experience Manager Gabrielle Sa