• Square Footage: 1,400
  • Rate: About $13,050

Why We Love It: True to its name, this plush Art Deco lair has made the spectacular Tour Eiffel a permanent fixture, visible even while you soak in the sizable mosaic tub.

Set your Parisian romance against a lively palette of sky and mocha,and ascend to the clandestine rooftop terrace where a slow-motion pirouette will take your breath away.

RICHARD MILLE | WATCHMAKER, Hôtel Plaza Athénée Paris


My address book is full of good places all over the world. And I feel comfortable everywhere….However, there is one hotel I often stay at. It is the Plaza Athénée in Paris. As I travel a lot, the Plaza is for me a transfer between the airport and Brittany where I live. I can easily work,plan and organize meetings there without wasting time between flights.Moreover, I really appreciate this hotel.The location is fantastic as the hotel is located on one of the most beautiful avenues in Paris. In addition, I like the perfect combination of innovation and tradition and finally the kind and extremely professional team.