Guest Bedroom

Located in the pristine South Nilandhe Atoll, a scenic 40-minute seaplane journey from Male’, this Maldivian paradise offers 112 private retreats that hover either above crystalline waters, or sit firmly on powdery white-sand beach.

At Angsana Velavaru, you will be spoiled for choice: From exciting dives to relaxing massages at the award- winning Angsana Spa, a myriad of activities are designed to cater to diverse interests, ages and preferences. Lovers of food and wine will be swept off their feet by Maldivian, Mediterranean, European and Asian specialties. Indeed, in this one spectacular location, you’ll find 101 things to do, whether you’re looking to explore, unwind, indulge or simply appreciate the immense natural beauty of your locale.

Ahmed Zahir, Rooms Division Manager

South Nilandhe Atoll, Maldives