Raj Palace, Jaipur, India  

Maharajah’s Pavilion

The four floors of the Maharajah’s Pavilion are certainly regal — with antique Indian furniture, crystal chandeliers (the dining room is thought to have the world’s largest chandelier) and gold leaf–painted walls. The first floor has a private lobby, lounge and bar; the second floor (where Thakur Sahib stayed) overlooks the Charbagh gardens and has a private museum — the only suite in the world to have one. Within, you’ll find the old throne of Thakur Sahib. The third floor has its own library, grand dining room, kitchen and second bedroom. On the fourth floor there is a large terrace with swimming pool, Jacuzzi, lounge, private bar, study, bedroom and private spa.

From $19,000 per night. Contact Ankur Rara Jethlia, general manager,, +91 141 263 4077,