Things to do in Sharjah

With its flourishing heritage, arts, and both traditional and contemporary culture, Sharjah abounds with galleries, museums and historic sites. Combined, these hidden pockets of arts and culture give visitors an insight into this fascinating city’s unique identity, and are the reason behind it being considered the cultural capital of UAE. We take a look at the best things to do in Sharjah for a culturally rewarding stay.

The Local Heritage

Perhaps the best place to begin discovering Sharjah is in the city’s official Heritage Area, which encompasses the two connecting neighborhoods, Al Sheyoukh and Al Maraija, with a collection of museums within its vicinity. Here, Sharjah Heritage Museum showcases the distinct heritage and culture that has shaped this city over the past decades while emphasizing the value of the deep-rooted Arabic customs that are so evident here. With this in mind, the museum looks back at the way people once lived here and the traditions that define the local celebrations, hospitality and daily life.

Other pockets of heritage are then dotted throughout the city. The waterfront neighborhood of Al Shuwaihean is home to Al Hisn Fort, a double-story fortification made of rock, coral and adobe dating back to 1820; renovated and opened up as a museum in 1997, the fort is a reflection of Sharjah’s modern history. For further cultural exploration, it’s worth spending some time wandering through the Heritage Area’s other restored sites and museums.