Things to do in Melbourne

While some people know Melbourne for its diversity of arts and culture, others celebrate this laid-back city for its abundance of outdoor space, both in the city and within its immediate surroundings. We take a look at the best things to do in Melbourne for an insight into the qualities it’s defined by.

Arts and Culture

From urban art studios to revered fine arts institutions, and from cutting-edge creations to historic artifacts, Melbourne has a great deal to uncover within its museums and galleries. The National Gallery of Victoria is the ideal place to start as Australia’s oldest and largest museum with a collection containing over 73,000 works of art. From there you can then seek out some of the more specialist sites, such as Heide Museum of Modern Art, which combines art and architecture with social history and landscape, and the national museum of film, video, digital culture and art, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

Said to be the largest museum in the Southern Hemisphere, Melbourne Museum places the focus on natural and cultural history, but there are many more museums that are also worth visiting, from the National Sports Museum—located within Melbourne Cricket Ground—to the city’s Immigration Museum.