What to Do in Buenos Aires During the Day



One of the city’s quintessential landmarks and the site of Argentina’s 1810 revolution which brought about the end of Spanish dominion over the territory and the birth of the republic, Plaza de Mayo is nowadays a focal point in city life.

Situated at the end of Avenida de Mayo, with the Argentine Congress a few kilometers down the street, the square houses the Casa Rosada, the pink-tinged presidential palace which over the years has been the location for many a demonstration and political rally. Put simply, it is unmissable, and is one of Buenos Aires’ defining places. In addition to the seat of the executive branch, the square is also home to the Cabildo, the exquisite colonial-epoch head of the city council, Buenos Aires’ Metropolitan Cathedral and the May Pyramid, the obeliscal structure in the center of the square which is the city’s oldest monument, having been originally ordered to celebrate the first anniversary of Argentina’s May Revolution in 1811.

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