Concierge Recommendations for a Perfect Day Out in Buenos Aires


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San Telmo

The best show in town right now is Rojo Tango; located at the Cabaret Restaurant inside the Faena Hotel. With just a hundred sittings a performance, it ensures an intimate, personalized experience. Rojo Tango showcases traditional tango in a risqué fashion, this being the main difference between Rojo and other tango shows. Another option for those seeking an initiation into tango is Esquina Carlos Gardel, located in the Abasto neighborhood. It is a very traditional show where the performers represent the evolution of tango. The orchestra at Esquina Carlos Gardel is also excellent. In addition to these shows, Gala Tango in San Telmo is another popular option. Here visitors are treated to tango and the show also features a representation of Evita, complete with her famous speech, folk music from the north of Argentina and a gaucho dancing malambo with ‘boleadoras’ too. If you prefer to see a little bit of everything this is a good option. Tango classes are available for the more adventurous.

La Catedral Metropolotana

La Catedral Metropolotana is definitely worth a visit as it is one of the most beautiful buildings in all of Buenos Aires. The neoclassical structure is located at the front of Plaza de Mayo at the intersection of San Martin and Rivadavia.

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