The 5 Best Things to do at Night in Toronto

8th January 2018 // By Zahra Al-Kateb

As the sun sets on Toronto the city’s eclectic night scene comes to life, with a burgeoning theater district, including the truly unique double-decker Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre, and an exciting range of bars and clubs ideal for the Elite Traveler. The city is also well known for its music scene (most notably offering up names as varied as Drake, Neil Young and the eponymous Toronto), with the Toronto Jazz Festival being one of the Canadian city’s most widely lauded events.

Whether it’s a cinematic experience at the Toronto International Film Festival or watching a spectacular opera performance, Toronto is fast emerging as Canada’s hotspot for the discerning elite. And with a huge selection of amazing restaurants you’ll never be pushed for things to do.

Live Jazz At The Rex Hotel

As one of the jazz capitals of the world, it’s no surprise Toronto has a budding music scene. While the annual Toronto Jazz Festival is obviously the city’s mainstay in terms of live performances, the wide array of venues across the city is still a major draw for music-lovers, and while the selection of venues may seem somewhat overwhelming to those who don’t know their Charlie Parker from their Charles Mingus, but if you speak to any local Torontonian you will hear them wax lyrical about the wonderful jazz bar at the Rex Hotel. With a retro interior and a huge variety of draught beer on offer, The Rex is the perfect destination for those looking to hear some cutting edge musicians alongside some more well-known faces. While The Rex may fail to pull in big names (that often come with big ticket prices) you will find that the talent on display is second to none, with the bar widely regarded as the place jazz musicians go to watch jazz musicians.

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