Top 3 Things To Do In San Francisco


Easily San Francisco’s most iconic monument and one of the most recognizable bridges in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge should be the first stop for any visitor to the city.

Designed by Joseph Strauss, the bridge was completed in 1937 at the cost of $35 million, a staggering sum at the time. The Golden Gate Bridge was one of the most astounding engineering feats of the 21st century, and many experts back then doubted it could ever be built. Once completed, the bridge provided a much-needed link from San Francisco to Marin County, which increased the prosperity of both areas. Facts and stats aside, the simple fact remains that the Golden Gate Bridge is outstandingly beautiful. The bright orange spires seen rising from the frequent fog, the sun’s fading rays kissing the giant steel structure, the shimmering waters of the Golden Gate beneath; sights that attract millions of tourists every year. The best way to experience the bridge is to walk across; but remember to wrap up warm – that fog can get pretty cold!

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