The 7 Best Things to do at Night in San Francisco

A city with as wild and exhilarating a nightlife as San Francisco is not to be missed – seek out a modern speakeasy harking back to Prohibition days, embark on a journey through time by discovering one atmospheric bar’s cocktail menu or find a spot in the city’s most lavish bars. Whatever your choice of entertainment, Elite Traveler has listed some of the best bars and clubs for an evening out in the City by the Bay. These are the best things to do at night in San Francisco.

Bourbon and Branch

BOURBON & BRANCH - The 7 Best Things To Do At Night in San Francisco

This modern speakeasy, which harks back to the days of Prohibition when secret, swanky lounges were the hot spots, is one of the city’s trendiest bars.

The current venue is on the site of a speakeasy that operated illegally from 1921 to 1933, and the jazz, wooden bar, secret tunnels and library theme give Bourbon and Branch that authentic feel. There’s even a hidden location inside the bar that requires a password for entry, where you can sip a selection of scotch, bourbon, rum and tequila. In keeping with the inconspicuous atmosphere, a set of “House Rules” adds to the fun by limiting cell phone use, photography and asking guests to please “speak-easy.”

The Alembic

ALEMBIC - The 7 Best Things To Do At Night in San Francisco

Relaxed and cheerful, Alembic has become a favorite among San Franciscans for the quality of its cocktails and laid back atmosphere. The bar staff here don’t just serve you a drink; they create beautiful cocktails for you to enjoy. The cocktails includes expertly crafted classics like a bourbon old fashioned as well as “new school” options such as the Southern Exposure with gin, celery, lime and mint. There’s an extensive spirits list with numerous choices for bourbon, whiskey and rye, including the Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project. Upscale American small plates, a la carte menu and chef’s menu are also available for late-night bar bites. Relax on a barstool and enjoy the casual, urban-rustic decor, Edison bulbs and all.

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