Mexico’s Sayulita Continues to Inspire Fashion Designers

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The town of Sayulita sits on Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit, and while its location makes it a continual draw for surfers, the town is also proving popular with fashion designers who revel in the town’s boho-chic style. As such, a series of celebrated designers have reflected the inspiration they’ve taken from Sayulita in their summer collections.

Designer Tori Prayer is among the names to have shown their love for the destination. Within the current Tori Praver collection, this influence can be seen in the patterned Zilos Sayulita and Tilos Tile Sayulita swimsuits. The cult LA clothing brand Reformation then has the casual Sayulita beach dress, celebrating the coastal town’s style.

Apiece Apart, meanwhile, features two dress selections, Square Neck and Popcorn, which translate this theme into clothing for the day and night. And the shoe designer Yuki Matsuda has collaborated with Chamula to create a pair of tanned leather huaraches sandals with long ankle straps for Madewell.

Naturally, each item in these inspired summer collections is ideal for a beach setting, and in particular the laid-back town of Sayulita on Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

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