Diamond's Are A Girl’s Best Friend

We are nearing the end of the year, and that means just two things: a calendar full of elegant events and women who want to dazzle and shine on every dance floor. The problem arises when these events are held away from home, as traveling with valuable jewelry isn’t without its share of risk.

Velas Resorts understands this issue and has created an effective solution. Casa Velas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico offers a jewelry rental service for all guests. This Adults-Only Hotel understands the power of diamonds and the seductive allure they bring to anyone who wears them. As part of its list of luxurious services Casa Velas has formed an alliance with renowned international jeweler Diamonds International.

Guest can select from a catalogue of jewelry carefully selected to suit any and all of their exclusive female visitors. Each piece is synonymous with timeless elegance; made from the finest gemstones on the market.

Regardless of the jewelry’s designer or carat weight, the value of the piece resides with the woman wearing it. These beautiful gems highlight and accent in just the right way, and are perfect for any occasion; however casual or elegant. Why not indulge in such pleasure?

(Source: Casa Velas)