Looking For A Unique Experience In Florence? Longtime PR Exec Alessandro Grassi Debuts Desinare…

Alessandro Grassi is a longtime public relations guru based in Florence, Italy.  His career has spanned promoting top luxury brands from Panerai to St. Regis and Luxury Collection hotels in Italy to Mulberry with a very long list.  With two friends he is now satisfying his passion for the culinary world with the launch of Desinare at Riccardo Barthel.


Desinare is a Florentine expression for the time of the day when the family gathers around the table to eat.  As the brochure explains, “It refers not just to the act of dining but to the ritual conviviality, the need to take a break from work to talk, exchange ideas, renew the bonds of love that have long been at the heart of our domestic culture.”


The school offers classes in cooking, wine, table design and food photography.  The location is the workshop and showroom of Riccardo Barthel, adding depth to the experience.


The original concept was to create programs for friends who were visiting Tuscany but with the concept’s quick popularity and the encouragement of journalists Grassi has now turned it into a full-scale business.  While there are set class and you can sign up individually, Desinare will create custom programs for elite travelers spanning hours to days.


It’s possible to visit local producers and procure the ingredients you will be preparing and then later also learn about “how to combine all the details and touches that transform a table into a grand table.”


Classes are limited to 14 participants at most, although some are restricted to four. The venue also makes for a nice party space so its possible to spend the day learning then have an enjoyable evening with family and friends.


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