The 7 Best Hotels in Stockholm


Nordic Light Hotel

A self-styled ‘design hotel’ the Nordic Light Hotel is sleek, stylish and utterly cool. Located in the business district of Stockholm, it is an independent, selfconfident, creative alternative to the grandeur of the more traditional hotels in Gamla Stan.

The rooms, all contemporary and clean in design, are lit with mood lights that emulate the luminous tones of the Northern Lights, creating cocoons of warmth and color that slowly change according to the seasons and the time of day. The hotel also showcases several intriguing features such as the white and black rooms, two color-themed bars, and the American Room, a state-of-the-art wine cellar perfect for a tasting with friends.




Nordic Light Hotel Deluxe Mood Suite

Why we love it: The bed, a custom-made Hästens affair which seems to extend for acres, must be the largest and most comfortable bed in the city. The lighting is also a draw: guests to this room can choose their own color-scheme, blending tones and selecting designs to create their own lighting according to their mood.




  • Square footage: 430

Tobias Ekman, Managing Director

+46 8 505 630 00 (general)/ 8 505 632 02

Vasaplan, 7, PO Box 884, SE-101 37

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