What to Do in St Petersburg During the Day


Canal Ride

Peter the Great admired the city of Amsterdam so much that his own city would go on to rival the Dutch settlement for the title of ‘Venice of the North’.

Many of the streams and rivers that originally ran through the foundations of St Petersburg were turned into canals, which not only helped drain the swamp area that the city was to be built on, but also provided a wonderful series of interconnecting waterways. By far the best way to travel around the city is via a canal boat. Hop onboard one of the many fantastic boats, sip champagne and other refreshments, and glide softly through the sun-kissed waters. Without any of the inconvenience of a taxi ride, a canal trip is a wonderful way to see the city exactly as Peter the Great himself intended. Head to the Grand Hotel Europe to board the Katarina, where refreshments are served by your own personal waiter.

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